Devon Berquist – Fine Art Photography

Devon Berquist participated in Pitch101 at NSCAD. A class of artists, this was a successful workshop to learn about branding oneself and utilizing entrepreneurial skills being an artist. Here’s what Devon has to say about this workshop in this week’s Pitcher’s Podium:

“I participated in the Pitch101 program through NSCAD University earlier this year. The program helped me articulate my ideas and prepare a clear and concise oral presentation about my photographic work for a variety of audiences. Learning to highlight key points in a 60 second time-frame, the “elevator pitch” is a skill that I did not have before, and I have already gained new opportunities because of it.

I do both db-headshotcommercial and fine art photographic work, so it is extremely important that I present myself both as an artist and entrepreneur to maintain the wide range of clientele I currently have. The Pitch 101 program has made me more confident and professional in public speaking and was also a lot of fun. It was great to be learning alongside other students and young entrepreneurs with such a variety of projects and businesses.”

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Instagram: tundra_punk
Facebook: Devon Berquist Photography


Travis Osmond – Chemistry is the Game

Travis Osmond attended to-photoPitch101 at Mount
Allison¬†University and was able to successfully launch his initiative with help from our training. Here’s what he has to say about his experience:

“If you have an idea, a business, a startup, or even just a passion, Pitch 101 will help you refine your 1 minute pitch.

In 2015 I attended Pitch 101 and gave a 60 second pitch on my concept and product; a series of high quality educational videos on science, designed to keep active science learners engaged, and enthusiastic – for free.

The coaching session and pitch was a tremendous amount of fun, and very exciting. The coach and participants were extraordinarily supportive. It was a great experience all around. My big takeaway was that attention is very limited, and much like in the videos I was making, your pitch MUST be interesting – from the perspective of the listener.”

Here is his channel for all of you that love science:

Kehsha Wilmot – Digital Powwow

kw-headshotKehsha Wilmot participated in Pitch101 at Mount St Vincent University a few years back. Here what she has to say about how Pitch101 helped her business in this week’s Pitcher’s Podium:

“My idea was to create a digital, indigenous culture space. To bring culture to the internet, allowing the distance between people to be removed. The ‘Digital Powwow’ was designed to make space for Indigenous and non-indigenous individuala to be able to take part in events they do not have the resources to physically get to.
The Pitch101 event gave me space to work though my thoughts with others. This was done through the workshop style and the time given to discuss your idea with others. This provided space for the community to engage, because we are stronger together.”