Corner Brook

It was an exciting week at Corner Brooke, NL! We would like to extend a uge congratulations to the following winners:

Day 1:
1st place:  Janice Wellon
2nd place:  Denna Newman
3rd place:  Grant Penney

Day 2:
1st place:  Kayla Walsh
2nd: Jeanie Hann
3rd: Laura Casey Foss


Pitch101 2017 Corner Brook Winners and Participants


Thursday, February 16, Competition

  • Janice Wellon (1st Place)
  • Grant Penney (2nd Place)
  • Denna Newman (3rd Place)
  • Jaimie Maloney
  • Vickie Newman
  • Amanda Rumboldt

Thursday, February 16, Workshop Participants

  • Jaimie Maloney
  • Denna Newman
  • Vickie O’Neil
  • Jamie Simmons
  • Grant Penney
  • Janice Wellon
  • Melissa Woods
  • Amanda Rumboldt



Friday, February 17,  Competition

  • Kayla Walsh (1st Place)
  • Jeanie Hann (2nd Place)
  • Laura Casey Foss (3rd Place)
  • Mark Tierney
  • Analia Kim
  • Christopher Shears
  • Roy Evans
  • Sam Hampton
  • Jerry Lyver
  • Erica Park
  • Matthew Connolly
  • Wendy Parsons
  • Margie Lewis

Friday, February 17, Workshop Participants 

  • Mark Tierney
  • Analia Kim
  • Christopher Shears
  • Jessica Mardel
  • Nancy Buckle
  • Roy Evans
  • Laura Casey Foss
  • Sam Hampton
  • Jeanie Hann
  • Jerry Lyver
  • Erica Park
  • Kayla Walsh
  • Matthew Connolly
  • Wendy Parsons
  • Peter Cook
  • Margie Lewis


Ross Arsenault – OPtions International

ra-headshotRoss Arsenault participated in Pitch101 at Saint Mary’s University. He is currently serving as President of Enactus Saint Mary’s and became a professional-level pitcher of their project OPtions International. Here’s what he has to say about the program:

“I went through Pitch 101 last year, and pitched the Enactus Saint Mary’s project, OPtions International. OPtions International trains women and disadvantaged groups in developing countries around the world on how to leverage entrepreneurship to better their lives. To date, OPtions International has:
– Trained artisans in Peru on how to market and sell their handmade accessories,
– Co-consulted (with local students) on sustainable practices for fishermen in a rural villages,
– Helped women in Kenya create a social enterprise making and selling reusable feminine hygiene products.

Pitch 101 helped me see the importance of how to structure ideas to get the greatest buy-in from your listener; without capturing the interest of your audience, you can never truly get your message across. By using only 60 seconds, Pitch 101 taught me what information needs to be said upfront, and what information can be explained later-on. Whether your audience is an investor, a professor, an employer, or a friend, Pitch 101 can teach you the right mindset to have when framing your ideas before you vocalize them.”

Devon Berquist – Fine Art Photography

Devon Berquist participated in Pitch101 at NSCAD. A class of artists, this was a successful workshop to learn about branding oneself and utilizing entrepreneurial skills being an artist. Here’s what Devon has to say about this workshop in this week’s Pitcher’s Podium:

“I participated in the Pitch101 program through NSCAD University earlier this year. The program helped me articulate my ideas and prepare a clear and concise oral presentation about my photographic work for a variety of audiences. Learning to highlight key points in a 60 second time-frame, the “elevator pitch” is a skill that I did not have before, and I have already gained new opportunities because of it.

I do both db-headshotcommercial and fine art photographic work, so it is extremely important that I present myself both as an artist and entrepreneur to maintain the wide range of clientele I currently have. The Pitch 101 program has made me more confident and professional in public speaking and was also a lot of fun. It was great to be learning alongside other students and young entrepreneurs with such a variety of projects and businesses.”

Be sure to follow her social media accounts and support this talented local artist!
Instagram: tundra_punk
Facebook: Devon Berquist Photography

Travis Osmond – Chemistry is the Game

Travis Osmond attended to-photoPitch101 at Mount
Allison University and was able to successfully launch his initiative with help from our training. Here’s what he has to say about his experience:

“If you have an idea, a business, a startup, or even just a passion, Pitch 101 will help you refine your 1 minute pitch.

In 2015 I attended Pitch 101 and gave a 60 second pitch on my concept and product; a series of high quality educational videos on science, designed to keep active science learners engaged, and enthusiastic – for free.

The coaching session and pitch was a tremendous amount of fun, and very exciting. The coach and participants were extraordinarily supportive. It was a great experience all around. My big takeaway was that attention is very limited, and much like in the videos I was making, your pitch MUST be interesting – from the perspective of the listener.”

Here is his channel for all of you that love science:

Kehsha Wilmot – Digital Powwow

kw-headshotKehsha Wilmot participated in Pitch101 at Mount St Vincent University a few years back. Here what she has to say about how Pitch101 helped her business in this week’s Pitcher’s Podium:

“My idea was to create a digital, indigenous culture space. To bring culture to the internet, allowing the distance between people to be removed. The ‘Digital Powwow’ was designed to make space for Indigenous and non-indigenous individuala to be able to take part in events they do not have the resources to physically get to.
The Pitch101 event gave me space to work though my thoughts with others. This was done through the workshop style and the time given to discuss your idea with others. This provided space for the community to engage, because we are stronger together.”

Tapiwa Rabwi – ShovelEn


Tapiwa is a fourth year student at Enactus Saint Mary’s who took the Pitch101 program with his Enactus team last year. He has successfully been running his business, ShovelEn, for over a year now.

“The company was started after assessing that the was a huge professionalism disconnect between those who provided services and who needed services for their homes provided. My company is focused mostly on the small freelance trades people that have vast skill sets but the main one they lack is actually getting the contracts from the clients and then keeping up with the business administration. ShovelEn goes out and secures the contracts and jobs for the trades persons so they can focus on just doing the job. The main focus is that we run an environmentally conscious property maintenanctr-headshote company that helps fill the gap between major contractors and and the plumber next door. We hep by providing the vendors who use our uber like model to bid for jobs a hand up not a hand out by providing this opportunity for them.

From my experience at Picth101 i was able to develop my value proposition and get some very needed insight into how investors look at companies and that a clear vision for the company was essential.”

Hannah Stegen – Juice From the Roots

Hannah took the Pitch101 competition hs-headshotat Mount Allison University in the Spring of 2015. Her business was a locally sourced juice company called Juice From the Roots. Here is how the Pitch101 program benefited her.

“Before this event I had never given a pitch in a competition or to potential investors. Through Pitch101 I was given this opportunity, as well as a very useful day of training on how to make an impactful and successful pitch. A minute is not a long amount of time, but we were taught how to include exactly the right information to hook in investors and give them enough information to spark their interests. One thing I really appreciated about the event is the panel of judges was made up of business professionals from several fields and they all provided very constructive feedback to further help me improve my pitch.

The skills I have taken away from my experience with Pitch101 have been very valuable and I use them in my everyday life. Specifically, I constantly find myself referring back to a key piece of advice given: Keep It Simple Stupid. Also, from the skills I gained I have continued on to deliver successful pitches and even win at another pitch competition. At the event, I became very close friends with other entrepreneurs who I still keep in contact with to share ideas and help grow our businesses. I am grateful for the opportunity and support given by Pitch101 and I recommend any entrepreneur at any stage of their business to participate.”

Tristan Pellettier – Re/Max Hallmark Realty

tp-headshotTristan Pellettier is a real estate agent that served in the military for 9 years before retiring to Ottawa. It was after his service that he participated in the Pitch101 program through POE, a project sponsored by Prince’s Charities Canada and Enactus Dalhousie. Here is what he has to say about the program:

“During my career, I was always passionate about Real Estate. Every hard earned dollar I made in the military, I swore to make it worthwhile for the rest of my life. I’m proud to say I’ve acquired four properties in the Ottawa area. Since I’ve always enjoyed serving others, I can now serve those who would like to buy/sell their homes in the Ottawa Area. I’ve also joined an organization called VETS Canada. Our goal is to helps homeless Veterans get back on their feet, by pointing them in the right direction for available programs, if they decide to do so.

For me, Pitch 101 was great. It was interesting to see myself fail the first time I [presented] because I’m usually a confident public speaker (this was before our lesson). But when the instructor, Bob, asked me to go for it, all of my ideas, and what I wanted to say, was all over the place.

Once we had the lesson, I can say with confidence, that my performance the second time around was drastically better. I do refer back to my notes from POE Pitch 101 lesson, in order to get myself refreshed on what I’d like to deliver as a message to potential clients. In my world, everyone I meet can be a potential client. When people ask me about the market, I need to deliver my points in a professional matter, my window of opportunity is minimal, considering there are about 3,000 agents in Ottawa.”

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